Rethinking Food Contract Manufacturing

The Challenge

Food Brand Owners like Startups, Retailers or Consumer Good Companies often outsource the production of their products including related operations.

Outsourcing has significant advantages regarding time and flexibility. For example, it is easier to upgrade to the newest processing technologies or to innovative food ingredients. Furthermore, an outsourced supply chain can be adjusted ad-hoc to CONSTANTLY CHANGING volume demands.

A big disadvantage of outsourced operations are PRODUCT UNIT COSTS and the effort which is necessary to manage a highly fragmented and non-transparent food ecosystem.

The visibility of different actors in a food supply chain reaches in most cases not further back than one step. As a result, costs are being disproportionally built up towards the end of the chain. Combined with major systemic inefficiencies, this causes products to be more expensive than they actually should be.

Today’s historically evolved food supply clusters are often rather rigid and not easy to grasp. In order to maintain acceptable margins, FOOD OPERATORS with a steady set of equipment and suppliers have no other choice than to strive for the lowest possible project complexities in order to maximize utilisation of their existing machine parks.

High costs and an industry setup which is not favouring innovation are the main reasons why good, consumer-induced change in food is still stalled!

Here is where Agilery makes a difference!

The Solution

We reduce costs and drive innovation to exponentially catalyse the ongoing good change in our food system. Consumers and our environment profit with increased personal health, improved lifestyles and a more sustainable use of planet resources.

We see ourselves as a food contract manufacturer and at the very same time as a technology platform, which proactively maps and organizes food manufacturing resources. By doing so, we answer to the steadily increasing demand for agile and innovation friendly food supply networks.

We use conceptual elements of the sharing economy, platform businesses and ecosystem approaches. Consequently, we put their components into good use to improve our food system!

Free to Optimise Continuously

not limited by installed assets or supplier lock-ins.

Full Transparency and Cost Control

due to ownership of each step across the entire supply chain.

Leveraged Collaborations

enabled by flexible “plug & play” setups with most suitable operators for each individual project.

Start Small and Consumer Centric

with an infrastructure for "test & learn" approaches.

Scale Up Smoothly

with the next setup for higher volumes already been accounted for.

Explore the Really New Things

with an optimal playground due to complete value chain exposure, and small-scale operations which limit the impacts of failure.

Gathering Data from Supply Systems

by using smart sensors and digitally enabled operator onboarding tools.

Analysing Data

to ensure optimal sourcing, processing and handling.

With Vision

to build transparency in installed capacities, their usage and global material flows – preparing the next wave of efficiency gains towards a high-end, perfectly sustainable and super-agile food system.