Your Platform for Food Innovation

Here you can learn about what we can do for you.

Concept, Scientific Groundwork and Feasibility

We give you honest feedback!

If necessary, we can assign specialists to validate or develop your idea scientifically. At this stage, we also provide a first estimate regarding feasibility and necessary resources.

Creative Work and Product Development

This is where the magic happens.

Culinary art work meets functional requirements. Here we also make sure that your product is scalable and that the charm of your original concept matches with real world circumstances.

Prototyping and Early Market Validation

We believe in Consumer Centric

…and iterative development approaches. You will get our support to validate not only your product but rather your complete concept. This will significantly increase your chances for success.

Raw Material Search and Supplier Negotiations

Leveraging your scale.

Depending on the required quantities we will find the optimal source to purchase ingredients from. For small-scale projects we focus on standards and existing assortments. For bigger volumes we will rather purchase from the original manufacturer than a middleman.

Packaging Concepts

Balancing features.

Packaging is always kind of a tough cookie, especially for early-stage projects. We try to optimally balance between originality and costs, as well as between ecological and preservative features. New materials and more flexible concepts for individualisations are appearing on the horizon. We stay tuned!

Quality and Analytics

Food safety will always be the top priority.

We apply reliable industrial standards like HACCP, instant traceability and recall management adequately, also in kitchen- and workshop projects. Independent laboratories perform regular tests for all products under our responsibility.

Regulatory Requirements

They are here for a reason.

We will show you what you have to, what you should, and what you can put on your product labels. In regards to nutritional value declarations, ingredient lists, storage requirements and much more, you can most certainly fully rely on us.

Logistics and Customs

Calibrated like a Swiss Watch.

We are committed to keeping storage and transports as minimal as possible. Just-in-time concepts and short supply chains are what we aim for. Nevertheless, imports/exports sometimes do make more sense. We are prepared.

Commercial Fulfillment

Operational Interface to your Customers

Are you based in another country than your market? Do you want to put your entire focus into sales and marketing? – We can ensure sampling, deliveries and invoicing while keeping you always in a close loop.

Reference Projects